What You Call Fair Treatment

The Left-Out Chick

Pain! Oh, why must the world feel you when it’s not supposed to? Why must you inflict the ones already wounded?

Earth is a blatant mix of the extremely poor and the extremely rich, the least successful and the very successful, and so on. Of course , everyone experiences pain to a certain extent. Nevertheless, it appears as if the less privileged and more disadvantaged tend to feel pain more frequently. It is nearly always the poor who are looked down on by society. It is always the penniless who fail to accomplish their goals. And it seems as if it is always the poor who are left at the foot of Injustice herself, working their way to make life better for themselves. They continuously make deals with everyone, but nobody wants to make any deal with them.

Life has never taught me to behave unfairly to anyone. Life has not once taught me to differentiate amongst people and demonstrate selfishness toward such small “matters”. When it comes to handling problems, there is only a one-way route to completing the task. If there’s a short-cut that someone is able to take, then by all means let every living person on the planet use that short-cut! It’s not necessary to scrutinize your fellow human being’s DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) – if that is possible – before showing him. There isn’t even the need to “charge” extra just because you perceive his dissimilarity.

Remember the verse in the Bible (please excuse me) that states that all men were created equal. Yet we fight bloody wars, commit murders, stage genocides, get all the children we can involved in the confusion so that they be confused as well, or  even worse – put the weak through an era of torture.

We probably did that to show that we haven’t lose control on certain things, but anyway (pardon me for this), do you realize there are millions of the less fortunate out there waiting to be clothed, sheltered, fed, and sent to school? No, we don’t; we choose to ignore instead the surreal events and live our entire days mumbling and grumbling but not doing anything about it.

Don’t you realize there’s too much blood shed on the ground? No, you don’t. Don’t you see there is an overwhelming amount of suffering? Well, you are aware of it. Just how much can you take?


Hug-a-Child Day

Every child was brought into this world with the potential to build a brighter future – for himself, for his family, for the community, for the nation. He bounded in with an abundance of love, light, and joy for those around him. Isn’t it sad to realize that a large percentage of these children are harshly treated by ruthless adults who claim to nurture them.

A child is a beauty of his own. His eyes carry a look of innocence that can only be stained by older people who are filled to the brim with impurity.

In the newspapers. child abuse is not a new phenomenon. Physical and sexual assault of children has been ongoing for centuries. It seems as if older people take pleasure in finding reason to target innocent ones. But whatever for? Perhaps it gives these so-called adults a sense of power and authority to know that they are in control of something. Nonetheless, what is so great if they want to be so in control of children. Speaking on my own point of view, it is more like bullying. Bullying, because the weaker ones are taken advantage of.

One of the most horrific reports I have ever come across in the papers is a child sex-abuse syndicate in Australia which offered services over the Web. It is something like real-time sexual abuse on children around five to twelve years old that occurs over a visitor’s paid request. Another involved a father in China who became extremely frustrated with his son’s failing results that he beat him until he was numb, and then buried him alive because he assumed the boy was already dead. Hello world, seriously…wake up.

Being a child myself [tell me just who isn’t], I do understand that parents might have tried really, really hard to bring their children up. Take note, the word ‘might’ is used here. I am a child, and I do understand what it is like to be in such moments of crises. So why hurt the child? Imagine the train of thoughts that both parent and child go through each time these situations occur. Did the child really mean to inflict more hurt and pain? Does the child’s feelings of self-worth and confidence have to be robbed off?

Every problem has a root cause – and this case, it begins with the parents, and probably the parents of the parents, and also the parents of the parents of the parents. It could go on, penetrating deeper and deeper into the history of the family. Yet, during this time when things are hard, do we want to continue a gruesome lineage?

Let the hurt end here, and allow love to blossom in your little one’s hearts. Start giving him a life full of meaning, and he will return it to you. Although the pain pierces through your own heart, you know that you want to give him a better life. The price has been paid, and it is a thing of the past. What has been done, however unerasable it may be, has been done. Now there is only a brighter future to hope for.

As I walked through an overhead bridge to classes one day, I happened to pass by a middle-ages woman in drab clothes sitting on the floor with a milk bottle in one hand. She apparently had poor eyesight, and one of her cheeks was swollen. But in front of her was a bundle of joy. A cute little boy three years of age – probably her son – was holding an open tin can next to her. It may have been a heart-warming sight, yet when the boy’s eyes met mine, he smiled. I smiled back, too, as I inserted however much I could into their container.

It touched my heart so to see how such a child, young as he was, could manage to break out a smile even under pathetic circumstances.

Children are worth every bit of themselves. Children and adults – they are always interdependent on one another. And of course, in the right way. What if they do something wrong? Instead of raising your voice and pointing your finger at them, pull them over to you and search for clues. Believe me, there is nearly always an underlying cause.

Give him a hug today, for he may not be with you tomorrow. ♥