Free Roads

Today is my first ever test for Skills and Strategies class.

So I hopped off my make-shift bed in the morning as early as 5.30AM today, and got myself prepared to go… to class. I walked out of the flat, crossed the empty road, and went through the Forbidden Tunnel.  It’s kind of dark, and my mother doesn’t like me to walk there.  But where I live, it’s a little hard to get a public transport.  And I live really far – to go to classes, I have to take a bus (or walk), hop on a train, and then take another bus before reaching the institutional grounds.  I have to beat the traffic and whatever comes along the way and reach my destination by  8.30AM.  Today is important because I can’t be late.

It’s not usually jam in the sleepy village of Kajang, so by bus I reach in less than ten minutes.  But if I walk I would have to take half an hour.  Luckily though I missed a bus, it didn’t take long for the next one to come.  I missed a train also, and had to go to the ATM to cash out a little money because I have no idea where the money I took out yesterday went, and I don’t have the time to look around for it.  By the time I was at the ticketing counter, there were ten more minutes to the next train. With a silent prayer, I managed to get a ticket before the train came.  To get to the train that goes to the area I wanted to stop at was at the other side of the track, so I crossed over – just in time to sit for a little while before it came.

Choo-choo-chooing to an steady halt, I hopped on the old train and was pleasantly surprised to find a sit for myself.  Usually, there aren’t any seats as the train is already packed with people going to Kuala Lumpur to work or study.  But today is special.

I reached the Klang Valley in about half an hour, and rushed to the bus stop at the other side of the wide, wide road.  Many buses pass by that stop; some go to Klang (which isn’t the same as the Klang Valley), some go to Puchong, while others go to Damansara.  There are also many places carrying the “Damansara” name, eg. Mutiara Damansara, Damansara Uptown, Damansara Perdana, and bla, bla, bla….  Too many.

I checked the screen for the time of arrival for the next bus that goes to Subang Jaya.  It’s coming in 5 minutes.  I felt delighted, but at the same time prayed that I would be on time for class because today is Test Day!  Besides it has been the norm for me to be stuck in a jam from the Klang Valley to Subang at this time or later.  

I studied what was in my notes and the lecture hand-outs very passively, trying to instill in my brain the concepts and definitions of whatever was going to be on for the test later. 

When the bus came, I readily boarded it.  I was feeling quite sleepy at the time, which is how I always felt after waking up so early and traveling right away.  I tried sleeping for awhile, all the time maintaining alert and trying to take control of my subconcious so it won’t dare to take control of me.  It wasn’t an easy thing to do; several times the subconcious overtook my concious and I was forced to drift away into slumber.  Just look what happened last night – I mean this morning?

I took time off to look up out of the window to give my eyes – and my brains – break from all the type.  It was drowning me into the jargon of complexity.  All of them.

And guess what.  The roads are free!  There’s almost no traffic, and the bus moved forward at a steady pace.  No obstructions in front and beyond. 

That is what got me so excited for the day.  I usually am not because of all the haggling I have to go through.  (Plus the fact that I have been late for many of my classes.  It’s not that I want to boast about my lateness, or I feel good about it.  It’s not a great thing, so I don’t encourage it.)

At class, I did the test, and it was easy, so I guess it is ok. 

Have you ever thought of your life as a free road?



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