The Best Form of Self-Motivation

If you are looking for the best, most popular, most advanced form of self-motivation, look no further.

The answer comes from the inside of you.

What goes on in your head has the ability to change your world.  I do realize that this sentence has been paraphrased.  For a long time, I was pondering over what that meant.  This is the list of questions I went through over and over before finalizing to one answer.

#1.  Does your mind change the way you think, or does the way you think change your mind?

#2.  Do you mold the world according to your perceptions, or do your perceptions mold the world?

#3.  Can the world change without you having to change your perceptions, or do you have to change your perceptions in order to change the world?

I have had more than enough suffering from experimenting out myself to see the outcomes of the questions I posted.  It’s been a dreary long two-years, and almost unimaginable.  I can tell you, the effects are disastrously adverse.

So now.  Switch off your mobile phone, laptop, i-Pad, notebook, radio, television, and whatever form of media you’ll surely find.  You have to – i mean, you must – spend a little time for yourself.  Even if it were for only a few minutes.  You badly need quiet time, away from the hassles that perturb your inner calmness everyday.

Everything comes from within you.  Because no matter how easy or how hard anyone tells you to do something, you are NOT going to do it until you WANT to do it.

Identify with your thoughts.  Are they positive or negative? 

Positive thoughts about anyone – yourself, your friends, your parents, your pets – are always good to hear, good to feel , and good to embrace. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, act like some sort of firing bullets that come crashing down on you.  Therefore, begin by building positive thoughts about yourself, first.  You are the subject of more importance here as the transformation comes from you.

When you think love, you will surely feel love.  When you think smart, you will surely act smart.  When you think pretty, you will do your best to make yourself presentable in front of anyone you know off.

Just take a moment to change your thoughts to positive ones.  Of course, you need to identify the negative ones first.

As for me, I am actually going though a motivational book by Steve Chandler.  I have ideas already how to keep myself brimming with positive energy, all thanks to that book and some other materials. 

Motivating yourself is only a choice you have to make.  That choice is the very first step that will lead to amazing results to get you through, from finding the right book or quote to keep yourself up to helping others to keep themselves motivated.

Oh, yeah, I had actually written another article on a notebook, but today when I arrived at college, I only realized that I had left that book in the house.  So I came up wit this one instead, just to keep you entertained. =D


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