The Best Form of Self-Motivation

A motivational tip.


If you are looking for the best, most popular, most advanced form of self-motivation, look no further.

The answer comes from the inside of you.

What goes on in your head has the ability to change your world.  I do realize that this sentence has been paraphrased.  For a long time, I was pondering over what that meant.  This is the list of questions I went through over and over before finalizing to one answer.

#1.  Does your mind change the way you think, or does the way you think change your mind?

#2.  Do you mold the world according to your perceptions, or do your perceptions mold the world?

#3.  Can the world change without you having to change your perceptions, or do you have to change your perceptions in order to change the world?

I have had more than enough suffering from experimenting out myself to see the…

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