The Ultimate Truth – or is it?

Keep your happiness!

Keep your happiness!

I could not believe it stemmed from something so simple, yet profound.

My work logbook has furnished me with a few surprising finds to my quest for deeper understanding.  I used to work with an international company that taught really, really, extremely young children about everything in an hour.  Topics included were English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Story-telling, and so on!  And in between, they even had mini-games! Their methods were attempts to encourage the children involved (who were as young as 6 months old) to utilize the left side of their brains and become more creative.  One of their educational philosophies was to encourage the child’s family to be happy and act happy, so that the child will have the motivation to learn.

But for me, was it true?  What was the degree of truth in that finding? Doesn’t happiness affect men and women as well? And, finally, what induces happiness?  How can we produce the factor that produces happiness? As it turned out, all men, women, and children are able to innovate in the aspect of happiness.

It was – and still is – a long, tiresome search.  But ever since the urge to fill in the blanks embedded itself in my heart, I have been scrutinizing high and low tirelessly.  Don’t worry, it does wear me out as I draw closer and closer to the answer.  It does not matter to me if this is going to take a lifetime.  I only feel it is my duty to clear the coast and help maintain homeostasis. At present, I have proceeded to the next (and “final”) stage of the learning process.

I have discovered that to induce happiness, one’s environment has to be illuminated with pure, abundant love.  Love makes one happy, after all.  A happy family produces happy children, which makes a happy world. And there’s no happiness if there’s no love.  The opposite of love is hatred, and hatred causes anger, which is obviously the opposite of love.

This did not come as an “Aha!” for me.  I had to learn the hard way – and for this I wondered why.  It cost me my previous job, because I seemed to be thinking too much and not listening to instructions!  Well, it is said that we learn from our mistakes.  I do hope this is true as well. Love appears to cultivate the happiness and joy in children to learn.  Love fills childrens’ hearts – yes, even our hearts – with warmth and security.  When we’re secured, we are able to explore deeper and deeper into the depths of knowledge.

In youths and adults, on the other hand, love induces happiness, security, and the will to do more of what we are appreciated for.  Pure love makes us excel in whatever we are doing, allowing us to attempt harder and harder without ever the fear of falling.

It makes us who we are, no less.  And that’s just what needs to be maintained.


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