Discovering Your Inner Voice

“When the moon takes the place of the sun, and the night sky is filled with a million stars, then we shall meet again.” Those words rang at the back of my head as I stared at the blank sheet of paper in front of me. Aargh! I said the same words when I was with my boyfriend the last time we had met. That was almost five years ago. Why did they bounce back to me just as I was composing a song?
Several things have changed in the last five years. I was struggling to be a writer back then. I was searching for my inner voice. I was learning how to evoke persuasive feelings through the ink of the pen. I was trying to make things work – for myself, and for my family. Yet, here I am now, living the life of an aspiring writer and seeking to change the world for the better! Ah, the pen is a mighty sword indeed.

I managed to complete my prose after some time.
“When the moon takes the place of the sun
I will be standing on higher stage
I will show the world the things they have done
I’ll reveal a brighter image
Unlike the one previously shun.

“When the night sky is filled with a million stars
I will run my way to you
I will throw away my old mask
I’ll make sure I make it through
Then we shall meet again.”

It looks like a song. Well, that’s just me.
In every single one of us, we have our own unique substance. It could be a skill, an ability, an attitude, or a personality. It could be our dreams. We just need to spend some time – quiet time – to find it. Once we discover it, we need to pin it right there and then, before we lose it. From there, we develop it slowly and allow it to grow larger and larger. As that happens, we set up checkpoints so that we know where we are.

It’s just make makes us stand out. It’s what makes us sui generis.



The Ultimate Truth – or is it?

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