This is for all the fathers on Earth, living or dead, to be or already are, human or nonhuman. Today is probably way past Father’s Day, but there’s a message I would like to disseminate. It’s quite a rare sight these days to see fathers taking their children out for some fun. It’s more of a norm to notice young boys and girls outside by themselves, fumbling around for a tight grip. And it’s also seldom that they actually succeed.

The father is the basis of the family. He is the one responsible for each and every life of the human beings in his care. In his care. Yes, he is supposed to watch over them. He is supposed to make sure that their needs are adequately satisfied. If their needs aren’t met, these human beings would inadvertently look elsewhere to satisfy them. Consider the case of the unloving husband. If his attitude persists, his wife would look for somebody else, wouldn’t she?

Over time, disastrous consequences result. The couple split because the love that once brought them together is no longer existent. And the children . . .they are left in an abominable state of despair without any knowledge of what is, or has been, going on.

Is that their future? Should they be abandoned in a pool of mud, which takes them down, deeper and deeper every move they make?

How unfortunate if their lives were to succumb to such pity. As much as it hurts the parents to separate, it also strikes their childrens’ little hearts with pain to see their parents fight. Being adults, they should understand more.  It doesn’t make sense to expect a child of any age – even a teenager –  to comprehend his family’s situation.

It strikes. It hurts. It magnifies through the lives – their lives.

Fathers, it’s time to make a better world. It’s time to change, to make a better place. It doesn’t take long. It isn’t so hard. Yet it begins with you.

Dear Fathers